Why You Need a Property Lawyer Before Buying a Land

Property Lawyer in Lagos Nigeria – Find Out Why You Need a Property Lawyer Before You Buy Your First Land from Real Estate Agents or Property Developers

Everybody hates a lawyer until they need one. The present generation has a wanton habit of dispensing with the need for a lawyer in their endeavours, because of the misconception all held impression that lawyers are troublemakers. The belief is that when you need a lawyer, then you must be in real legal trouble. My kinsman, you are wrong. Terribly wrong.

To put your misconception in correct perspective, the truth is that you need a lawyer even before getting into that legal trouble you talk about. In fact, when you use a lawyer, you are basically saving yourself from legal trouble in the first place. Do not forget that Criminal law is not the only area of law that lawyers practise. There are a lot of activities that suggest the need for a lawyer.

Take for instance the purchase of a landed property or acquisition of an estate, the participation of a solicitor is as fundamental as the hard-earned money that the purchaser of land parts with. Imagine acquiring a landed property and twenty years down the line, somebody hits you up with litigation on the property and claim that you have a defective title or you do not have a valid title at all. Imagine the trauma. Now, compare it with a property title perfected in the hands of a legal expert. Mind-resting!

You may want to know, the role of a lawyer far surpasses merely sitting down in the negotiation room and preparing the Deed of transfer of the land to the purchaser. A lawyer will usually visit the State Lands Registry on your behalf to first verify that the land is not encumbered by any adverse title, one that will prevent you from enjoying peaceable possession of the land. Even after purchasing of the land, it is the job of a lawyer to process the required documents at the same registry to perfect your title on the land. Perfection may include an application for and obtention of a Certification of Occupancy, registration of transfer instruments e.t.c.

Now, when you enter the office of a lawyer to act as a solicitor on your behalf in respect of a property transaction, you may want to know how available he is for your brief. Below are the features of an available property or real estate lawyer:

  1. Some lawyers can decide to practise law on a part-time basis and are hardly ever available to ensure quick closure to simple property transactions. Your solicitor should be one that is fully dedicated to the legal work, not a lawyer-cum-businessman.
  1. Your solicitor must have the proper license to practise law in whatever state you are doing your property deals in.
  2. Your solicitor should have good knowledge of the area and surrounding areas in which you have property deals in.
  3. Just like real estate agents, real estate attorneys have a reputation of being confrontational and pushy. In some respects, this is not always bad; real estate is such a complicated subject that you sometimes need someone who is willing to go the extra mile and be adversarial if need be. A good real estate lawyer should, however, have great interpersonal skills and be friendly.

Real estate lawyers have to sit and negotiate sales contracts and come to satisfying resolutions to disputes. Most importantly, they should be able to put you at ease as you deal with these issues.

  1. Since nobody likes a protracted legal battle, where there is a legal dispute with respect to land or property, a good real estate lawyer should have some measure of creativity if he is to bring a dispute or sale to a close. Even a fairly standard real estate transaction has a lot of processes that need to be navigated. A sharp creative mind will definitely help.
  2. Real estate negotiations have so many moving parts that any good lawyer handling them will need particularly sharp analytical skills. This is especially important for more difficult disputes since you need to have all your bases covered. There are usually at least a few courses of action in a real estate dispute or sale and a good lawyer will look at every angle and decide which course of action is best for you.
  3. Finally, a good real estate lawyer should have perseverance. Just about anything can happen in a complicated real estate deal and a lawyer should be ready to spend time negotiating and fighting for your best interests.

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How To Buy Genuine Land In Lagos & Sleep With At Night

Are you looking for plots of land for sale in Lagos Nigeria to buy without losing your money or giving up the property to the government? here are comprehensive tips and advice you must read before buying your next property in Lagos state

Since we created this property blog for Nigerians looking for genuine plots of land to buy in Lagos, it’s also important that we share useful tips that will help interested property buyers living within or outside Nigeria find an affordable and genuine property to acquire without legal issues.

Whether you are a Nigerian working and living at home or in the UK, US, Canada, Australia, South Africa, or any part of the world, this guide is all you need to begin your journey to owning a share of the booming property market here in Lagos state.

Reasons why you should buy your first property now in Lagos:

  • Lagos is the commercial hub of Nigeria – The state is the home to top companies across industries in Nigeria which is the reason migration is very high on a daily basis and as such creates an opportunity for property or home rental businesses. It’s the rising housing deficit that made Lagos state government to embark on a mass housing project for average income earners, yet, it is still not enough to cater for the growing population. You can buy a property and start a home rental business to serve workers looking for accommodation or lease to corporate organisations.
  • The value of land in Lagos is on the rise as development spread to every part of the state. A land acquired within a strategic area for N600k-N1m could skyrocket to N4 – N6 million in a year. For instance, as at 2011-2013, you could buy a plot of land for less than N300,000 at Ibeju Lekki but now the average selling price, following the announcement of a plan to cite Dangote refinery in that region, is around N1-2million per plot. Besides, real estate surveyors are projecting N8-10million by the time the area is fully industrialised.
See This – 20 Key Facts You Should Know About Dangote Refinery Project & Capacity
  • There are companies looking for land or home to rent or lease as they branch out to reach more target market which gives rise to increasing demand for a property close to the emerging communities. You can take advantage of this trend, position yourself by buying land in this area ahead of the opportunities.
  • Another emerging opportunity in the real estate market is a shared office model also known as co-working space, a term use to describe an SME cost-saving model adopted by property investors. Here, small businesses come together to share office while paying a fraction as rentals. You can also buy a property, develop and lease to SMEs.

Having mentioned the numerous advantages of being a property owner in Lagos Nigeria, does it mean that buying houses or land in the state is smooth? definitely NO. As it has it’s own benefit, there are also accompanying risks that come with owning a plot of Land in Lagos which is not unconnected to activities of Hoodlums popularly known as Omonile and fraudsters who issue fake land documents.

I must be sincere, buying a land or house in Lagos can be risky especially when you don’t deal with the right real estate agent. You might even use a family member or friend without due diligence and still end up wasting million of Naira on a fake property that doesn’t have the right documentation or already owned by the government. This is the reason a lot of Nigerians prefer to buy land in their village where they feel transactions are safe or vetted by the community.

Despite this flaws, owning a piece of land in Lagos is a lifetime investment that generates endless cash flow. It also starts by arming yourself with the right information, asking questions from genuine sources and understanding the necessary documents and approvals required before ownership is transferred to you.

Land For Sale In Lagos Nigeria

Here are basic steps to buying genuine and affordable plots of land for sale in Lagos Nigeria

  • Ask a Real Estate Agent – Talk to a registered property agent with a track record of successful transactions and happy clients, tell him what you want and your budget. Be very straight to tell him to weed out properties under government acquisitions and out of Omonile boys. This will save you time and energy as you wouldn’t want to pay for a land in Lagos and receive a notice that such property is already marked by the Lagos state government for a specific project.

You Can Request For Help – WhatsApp or Call – Oge, 08084219399

  • Carry out your own research on the area you want to buy the property by asking questions from family and friends in Lagos or visit online forums like Nairaland property session for discussion around properties in such area.
  • After you are satisfied with the first and second one, go for site inspection yourself as it’s very important that you take a first-hand site visit to where you want to buy the property. What if I am not in Lagos Nigeria? You can request a 360 video recording of the region from your agent or a trusted person. This will help you see what you are buying and allay fear.
    • A site inspection will help you see how near your property is, to key areas like offices, or business.
    • You will also have an idea or estimate of what the place might look in the nearest future based on what you spot.
    • Nearness to high tension is risky and such property might be exposed to the danger that comes with cable wires. You need to check this too during a site inspection.
    • Check how close the land or house you want to buy is to filling stations and market.
    • For easy navigation to another city, check how close you are to major road or bus stop. At the same time, it is not good to be too close to the road, in the case of expansion. I have seen many landlords forfeit their land during Lagos state government road expansion project.
    • Don’t forget to check the topography, how sloppy the land is and the texture of the soil so you don’t buy a land that holds water. In summary, it should be a dry land not sand filled.
    • If you are ok with the land after checking all these, you can connect hire a Surveyor to help you measure the land.
  • On payment, you are strongly advised to confirm the authenticity of the property agent account, do not pay into a personal account!
  • How do I now make payment from abroad? The best advice for Nigerians living abroad is to open a diaspora account with GTBank. Click here to find a guide on how to open a GTBank from abroad. After that, you can transfer the required amount from your local bank account to the real estate agent’s corporate account
  • Please note that aside from the cost of the land, you also need to pay for Deed of Assignment and Survey Plan which vary among real estate companies. These will be paid alongside the full cost of the land you want to buy. Some real estate agents have flexible payment options – buy the land now and pay for extra charge later.
  • Here are documents you will be given after your payment has been confirmed by the agent: Receipts of Payments, Contract of sales, Provisional Allocation Letter, Deed of Assignment, and Titles that comes with land acquisition in Lagos: Certificate of Occupancy, Gazette)
  • Please note that property managed by real estate developers with global C of O doesn’t need a C of O again, what you need is a Deed of Assignment, & Governor’s consent.

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  • The land will be allocated to you after you have finalised all payments and documentation; that’s if it already has a C of O or else, you’ll have to wait for a copy of Global C of O since it’s still on excision.

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While these guidelines will help you find and buy a land for sale in Lagos Nigeria from a registered real estate or property agent at zero risks, you might also want to push the hard work to us by taking a look at our inventory of properties handpicked for you, they are free from Lagos state government acquisition and out of the reach of Omonile boys. Every offer mentioned here are managed by trusted real estate managers who come together to form a network.

Documents You Must Know In Real Estate

Land Document In Lagos Nigeria – Land Titles To Know You Should Know Before Buying  Land Or Real Estate Properties In Lagos

For you to be a Pro in real estate, you need a detailed understanding of some key documents in order to guide and educate yourself before buying your next landed properties. Prices of land are largely determined by the titles a piece of land has or by its nearness to a major landmark.

Documents you must know in this business


A Survey plan is a document that measures the boundary of a parcel of land to give an accurate measurement and description of that land. The people that handle survey issues are Surveyors and they are regulated by the office of the Surveyor-general in Lagos as it relates to survey issues in Lagos. A survey plan must contain the following information:

1. The name of the owner of the land surveyed

2. The Address or description of the land surveyed

3. The size of the land surveyed

4. The drawn-out portion of the land survey and mapped out on the survey plan document

5. The beacon numbers

6. The surveyor who drew up the survey plan and the date it was drawn up

7. A stamp showing the land is either free from Government acquisition or not

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How To Get C of O For Your Land In Lagos

A lot of issues have been raised on land acquisition in Lagos state – while some strongly believe that it’s smart to buy a land under excision as it comes cheaper, and will definitely be sold at a higher price per plot once all documentation have been properly perfected, others believe that such land are not fully released, in which case they would rather opt for land with C of O as it confers a land owner the full right to ownership of a land.

Though this article is not really about that, as I am already doing a comprehensive write up on buying a land under excision vs land with C of O in Lagos State – which is better to buy as an investor or a landlord, the main tips here are about the procedures required to obtain an authentic C of O in Lagos state.

Getting a C of O, as many think, shouldn’t be complicated, if you have the right information from a direct source, I mean the Office of Land bureau in Lagos state, you will understand that there is nothing like “you must be connected to an internal officer” or “you must have enough money in your pocket to settle people” before getting the certificate of occupancy for your land ready.

Before I share the guide to obtaining C of O, here are key reasons you are expected to have C of O on a land:
1. It confers exclusive possession on person named therein
2. It constitute a sound root of title during alienation
3. It sometimes prevents property acquisition by the State Government, subject however to the overriding power of acquisition by the State Government.
4. It is useful as collateral or security for loan
5. It is useful for mortgage transactions
6. It serves as a root of title
7. It prevents multiple parties from claiming ownership on the same property
8. It is used in resolving land disputes/ownership tussle
9. It may be required for other official and legal purpose

how to get c of o in lagos

How to get a C of O for your land in Lagos state:

  • You need to pay for publication charges of N10,000 (please verify from the office of Land bureau for current charges) for your name to be put up on newspaper asking anyone who thinks the land doesn’t belong to you to come for objection within 21 days. If after the stipulated period, nobody raises an eyebrow, then the office will proceed with the processes and pay for charges which are receipted for.
  • Requirements for C of O you should have:
    • Application form
    • 4 copies of survey plan (2 clothes and 2 papers)
    • Land information certificate
    • Purchase receipt
    • 4 copies of deed of assignment
    • Picture of the site showing time, date, and street name where the property is located
    • Site location sketch
    • Tax Clarence certificate
    • Current development levy
    • Four passport photography (5 by 5 on white background)
    • Application letter
    • ID card
    • Publication/Inspection Fees

This guide was extracted from a full interview with Mr Kayode Sutton, a Public Affairs Officer of the Land Bureau in Lagos State.

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How To Avoid Buying A Land Under Government Control

Land Under Government Strict Control & Acquisition In Lagos State – What You Should Know & Latest Omonile Strategies For Selling Plots of Committed Land In Ibeju Lekki, Ikorodu, Mowe In Lagos And Tips To Avoid Scams

One big fear of first time property buyers is “entering into Omonile transactions” – a term used to describe a set of individuals who are in the habit of scamming buyers or selling plots of land, strictly under government control in Lagos state,  to buyers who don’t know how to carry out due diligence on a land or verify the authenticity of land transactions before making full payment. This is a key reason people are scared of getting involved in the growing real estate market, especially in Lagos state.

If you are reading this, please pay close attention to the ideas I will be sharing with you so that you can easily avoid paying for land already earmarked by the government for specific projects. Areas you will find land scams in Lagos state are Alimosho, Epe, Egbe, Ikotun, Ifako, Alakukuo, Iba, Iyana paga, Ikorodu, Igbogbo, Ayobo, Badagry and some areas in Ibeju Lekki etc. This doesn’t, in any way, rule out other locations outside this region, you are strongly advised to educate yourself on common mistakes “Omonile boys’ usually capitalise on to sell “land under government control to buyers in Lagos”.

Over the years, it has been revealed that land used by these “fraudulent sellers” are properties set aside by Lagos state government for special community developments or projects such as community schools, bridges, affordable housing schemes, ministries, museums, pottery villages, cemeteries or buildings of national or state importance.

As we know, the government might have bought these plots from the community or taken over the land from sellers with compensations but haven’t made enough notice about these properties to the public or carry out necessary fencing around the land to scare buyers away – these are loopholes these “fraudsters take advantage of to market the properties to buyers”. Sometimes, there are signposts stationed around the location to inform people that those areas are restricted lands but because of less or infrequent supervision by officials, these fraudulent sellers go there to remove the signposts and tout themselves as the real owners of the properties.

When they eventually sell it to buyers with fake papers, you might not even see them again, hence, leave you face to face with the staff of Town Planning Authorities when the government is ready to commence developments.

How to avoid land under government control:

  • When anyone comes to you with a land for sale offer; request for the titles and consult a property lawyer to help you do the necessary document verifications; you can even ask for the land coordinates, a number that checks the status at Alausa, Ikeja. This is very important – it’s better to pay a lawyer and avoid falling into this devastating transactions than to think you are wiser, and end up with nothing and even lose more.
  • See – 6 Key Documents To Ask Before Buying A Land In Lagos
  • Do a thorough physical inspection of the land to see if you will find a signpost (with restriction notice) buried on the ground; an idea that will help you spot a land for sale under government acquisition.
  • Ask the sellers reasons that land is still vacant – if it’s not genuine land, you will most likely hear different stories with new ones added every day.

The bottom line of my article on buying Land in Lagos is that you should “SHINE YOUR EYES” before paying, the government will not pity you when they are ready to develop the land.

What Is Land Banking & How Is It Better Than Traditional Banking?

I just felt this should add to our knowledge in making decision about Real Estate investment amidst the uncertainty of a traditional financial market.

The name “Land Banking” implies almost exactly what it is. Rather than putting cash into a savings account (where it will earn a maximum of 3% interest every year, after you have paid more on charges) or the stock market (which has become increasingly unpredictable in recent years), some smart entrepreneurs have taken an alternative approach by acquiring LAND and in doing so, they have chosen to park their cash in a tangible, fixed asset – one that cannot be broken, stolen or destroyed.

According to Moneysmart.gov.au – “Land banking is a real estate investment scheme that involves buying large blocks of undeveloped land with a view to selling the land at a profit when it has been approved for development.”

Landing banking as an alternative strategy to saving your idle cash in a bank is the process of converting your cash into a physical asset (landed properties) with the purpose of recouping what portfolio and an additional return on price appreciation. The basic step to embarking on land banking is when you purchase vacant land in strategic locations.

What is Land Banking

Read – Best place to buy your next land in Lagos and enjoy a fast return on investment.

Vacant land gets ignored by most new investors because let’s be honest – it just doesn’t sound that exciting. Unfortunately, this causes most people to overlook a lot of the advantages that land has over traditional real estate investments (e.g. – houses, apartment buildings, commercial properties, etc.). Unlike most residential and commercial buildings, land costs virtually nothing to own, no utility payments, no tenant problems, no termite infestations, no leaky faucets, no broken toilets, no mortgage payments. A building could even gut fire and if without insurance, it’s a total loss for the owner. A vacant land would be impossible for destruction or loss but rather appreciates on value month after month.

Think about this, you can buy a piece of vacant land today, walk away from it for 10 years and when you come back, nothing will have changed. Can you think of a safer investment like this?

Also, think about the economics of land, this is a resource with a supply that is always going down (after all, they aren’t making any more of it) and a demand that is constantly on the rise. Given the value proposition that comes with owning land, I often find myself scratching my head and wondering “Why aren’t more investors involved in Lands Banking??”

See – Things to consider before buying your next land in Lagos.

But before you get started, I’d advise you read this guide on how to know whether a land for sale in Lagos is genuine. This article contains important information on land purchases in Lagos.

For inquiries on how to buy a land at an affordable price with available properties for sale, you can contact our client service centre on +234-808-421-9399

Dangote Refinery Project Progress In Lagos Nigeria – 20 Key Facts You Should Know

Dangote Refinery Project Progress  – 20 Key Facts You Should Know About New Dangote Group Refinery Capacity In Ibeju Lekki, Lagos Nigeria

It’s no longer news that the hottest real estate investment location in Nigeria is Ibeju Lekki, Lagos, best Investment zone in Africa with great returns on Investment?

Today, I am picking one of the key projects that are at the centre of attraction right with 20 solid facts about this development – here are what you should know about Dangote refinery.

Dangote Group Refinery Project



1. Over $4 billion worth of equipment currently sits on the site.

2. The project is slated to cost $14 billion (N2.8 trillion) of which Dangote is contributing $7 billion in equity.

3. The project site is larger than Victoria Island (x 4). It is located on 2135 hectares of land in Ibeju-Lekki, Lagos near the Lekki Free Zone.

4. It is the largest industrial complex in Africa.
Work goes on, on the site, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

5. World Record 2.72 million accident-free hours recorded on site, without a single lost time to injuries.

6. It is the largest single train grassroots refinery in the world with a processing capacity of 650,000 BPSD.

7. Dangote Group brought in the world’s #1, #2, and #5 sand dredgers to sand fill the site.
60% of the land being swampy.
So far these dredgers have reclaimed 13 million m³ out of 30 million m³

8. During construction, the project will employ over 25,000 Nigerians.

9. Dangote is investing over $7 billion (N1.4 trillion) in the project.

10. It is the largest single train refinery project on the planet

11. When this project comes online, Nigeria will save a minimum of $10 billion a year on imports.

12. The Ammonia component of the plant will produce 2.8 million tonnes of Urea.

13. Dangote is producing its own electricity to power the plant and by so doing is saving 75% cost. Dangote produces electricity at a rate that is significantly cheaper than the Federal Government. Dangote’s cost is $400,000/ MW, while Federal Government is $2,000,000/MW

14. All the civil engineering is done by Nigerian companies.

15. The plant has an export value of $6 billion per annum, meaning Dangote’s efforts will increase the amount of foreign exchange in Nigeria’s foreign reserves by at least 40% of current value on a yearly basis.

16. Dangote said when this project comes online, his friend Femi Otedola will save at least N26 per litre on millions of litres of diesel and petrol which his companies import annually. These savings will be passed on to the consumers and it will take a lot of pressure off the banks.

17. Billions of Naira were paid to acquire the land and to settle the existing communities. More money was also allocated and spent to relocate the existing communities.

18. This project will restore the dignity of Nigeria, a crude-producing country that has for years gone abroad to meet its demand for refined products.

19. Refined products to be produced at the plant include but is not limited to propane, petrol, Jet Fuel, Diesel, Kerosene, Carbon Black, Polypropylene, Polyethylene.

20. The United States Trade and Development Agency is supporting this project with $997 million. Very massive project to stand in the Ibeju-Lekki axis come 2019.

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For Inquiries On Available Properties – WhatsApp or Call, Oge, +2348084219399

Cheap Land For Sale In Lagos With C of O

Land For Sale In Lagos With C of O At Ibeju Lekki Nigeria – This Guide Contains Tips To Find Best Cheap Place to Buy Plots of Land In Lagos From N3 million, N5million, N6million – N10million With Approved Survey Plan

Today I went for an inspection at Ibeju Lekki, Lagos with clients that showed interest in some of our available properties in that area. They had initially requested for a full list of our inventories under N10 million budget with a fast return on investment upon completion of Dangote refinery, Lekki seaport, Free trade zone, a new airport amidst the completed road network with available electricity to tap from.

All Land With Global C of O Are Listed Below – Call/WhatsApp Oge, +2348084219399

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On getting to our first site, Lekki Royal Garden, the client quickly asked what the titles are, to be sure of what was bought with no government interference, then I quickly replied, “Global C of O and an approved survey plan“. This got him interested in more properties with similar titles for comparison. It was then I remembered that you may also be interested in a list of cheap land for sale in Ibeju Lekki, Lagos with C of O.

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For some that may be thinking a C of O is the same as Global C of O, they are different. While the latter covers a large expanse of land owned by a real estate company, the former is issued to an individual with few plots. Both are the same in terms of the title.

Land For Sale In Lagos With C of O

What is C of O?

C of O means a certificate of occupancy is a legal document issued by the Lagos state government conferring an owner the right to land. Getting a C of O on land requires a due process that may not be easy to some interested investors, so they prefer an existing land with such title which many feels is safer and secure than land under excision.

A land with C of O shows that all necessary documentation has been processed and the right to ownership is conferred on the whoever is selling the land which directly eliminates doubt.

I have put together land for sale in Lagos with C of O for your perusal and if you wish to carry out an inspection on any of these properties, you can Whatsapp or call me – 08084219399

For more inquiries about our properties and additional land for sale in Lagos within your budget, you can contact me on WhatsApp or Call Oge – 0808-421-9399

Procedures For Obtaining Governor’s Consent In Lagos State

This guide contains the necessary procedures for obtaining Governor’s consent In Lagos State with required documents to submit.

The Land Use Act of 1978 puts all land in a State; town and rural area under the control of the Governor and Local Government Chairman, respectively, in trust for the people of the state. Consequent upon this, section 22 of the Act then states that “it shall not be lawful for the holder of a statutory Right of Occupancy granted by the Governor to alienate his Right of Occupancy or any part thereof by assignment, sublease etc without the prior consent of the Governor”. Simply put, even though a property has Certificate of Occupancy which makes the beneficiary the legal interest holder on the land for 99 years or the residue, if he decides to resell, mortgage or do anything with the property, since the land is held in trust by the state government, the Governor needs to approve the transaction. In other words, the first person on a land is the only person or group of persons entitled to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy. Every subsequent buyer of that land must get a Governor’s consent.

There can only be one Owner of the Certificate of Occupancy on that land and it will not be replicated for another person once the land has been sold or transferred to another person. Process The process that accompanies the issuance of Governor’s consent in Lagos State is usually carried out in the Ministry of Lands.

The following documents are required for the purpose of obtaining Governor’s consent:

* Dated letter of application with addresses and phone numbers;

*Duly completed form 1c. The form must be dated and signed by the parties to the transaction and sworn to before a Magistrate or Notary Public;

* Certified true copy of guarantors title document; Guarantors’ tax clearance certificate /developmental levy receipt and; Grantees’ tax clearance certificate/developmental levy receipt.

* Others are: Four copies of duly executed sublease, deed of assignment (with survey plans attached in each copy), mortgages or power of attorney;

Chartable survey plans; Evidence of payment of charting, endorsement, and form 1c;

Evidence of payment of ground rent/land use charge; Letter of confirmation of payment of capital contribution from NTDA in respect of Lekki peninsula schemes 1 and 2, Abijo GRA, Isheri North and other affected government schemes and; Building plan or photograph of the property.

Cost After submitting the first set of the deed of assignment and survey plan, internal scrutiny of the documents submitted is carried out. Thereafter, the documents are sent to the Surveyor General’s office for charting. If there are no defects in the survey plan, a clean report is sent to the Lands Bureau and a demand notice is issued to the applicant for the following fees:

Consent fee – 8 percent of assessed value of the property; Capital gains tax – 2 percent of assessed value of the property; Stamp Duty fee – 2 percent of assessed value of the property; Registration fee – 3 percent of assessed value of the property and; Current tax clearance certificates of the parties to the property transaction. If you have none, an assessment is raised immediately for you. Finally, your application (document) is sent to any of the commissioners that are specifically designated for that purpose to append their signature.

When this has been done, it is sent back to the applicant to do stamp duty and final registration. Your deed of the assignment then becomes Governor’s Consent; it is now a registered title. It’s the registered title that is called deed.

I hope this procedure for obtaining governor’s consent in Lagos state will help you follow the right process when finalising titles to your plots of land.

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How To Get Building Plan Approval In Lagos

One key part of land acquisition process is understanding how to get building plan approval in Lagos, though it is a process that is only applicable to individuals that want to commence erection of structures, I will advise interested investors or buyers to read through and learn what it takes to be safe from the wrath of the government.

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A building plan is like a business plan, it is a pictorial representation of how your proposed building will be, either bungalow, storey building or complexes. Without it, you may not see the reality of what your choice structure. Just like a business plan which helps you to project the required cost, building plan also depicts an idea of what the cost of the duplex, bedroom apartments or shopping mall will be.

Once this is set, you can now approach the appropriate authority for your building approval. Every state has a masterplan which is suppose to guide all constructions and as an investor, you also need to ensure your building complies with the building laws and codes which are enacted to ensure that people don’t just build any structure, anywhere.

This article focuses on how you can secure Development Permit for your building plan from the Lagos State Government and the appropriate office in charge of this process is the Lagos State Physical Planning and Development Authority (LASPPDA), a parastatal under the Ministry of Physical Planning and Urben Development.

Note: Before you can initiate the process of getting a building plan approval in Lagos, the land must have a certificate of occupancy, a key document you must have before your plan can be considered. How far your approval will go also depends on the title documents, the location of the proposed building and the structure you want to erect.

How To Get Building Plan Approval In Lagos

Here are documents you should submit at the point of registration of applications for a building plan approval according to the State policy on Operation 30-30, a term that defines the speedy processing of applications.

  1. Five (5) sets of:
    1. Architectural Drawings
    2. Structural Drawings, with calculations and letter of structural stability from COREN certified Engineer.
  2. Survey
  3. Title Document
  4. Tax clearance and Government fee, for an individual. You will only pay the fee after your building plan has been assessed and marked for approval.

After making all necessary payment to the government, your land will be inspected followed by appropriate check on your tax clearance certificate, title documents, receipt of Tenement rate paid to the government on rateable properties or in summary Land use charge rate. You can read my article on “Who pays the land use charge in Lagos state?” for clarification and proper understanding of Land use charge.
Furthermore, a team is sent to the site again to be sure that no structure has been laid on the same land building approval is being processed and hence, a site report is prepared by the officer in charge.

For a 1-2 Storey Building

The design is sent to the architect after charting, for necessary clearance. Also, a basic check will be carried to ensure it conforms with approval standard.

For a 2 Storey Building

A Mechanical and Electrical engineer drawing will be required and the site will be checked with the location the building will be situated, this will ensure conformity with existing land use, approved survey plan and design proposal.

But, if it the structure is more than a 2-storey building in the design, then a Mechanical and Electrical drawing will be required.

The processes your building approval application undergoes:

The file is sent to the district officer who transfers it to the vetting officer. The application can then be recommended as long as there are no outstanding.

The District Officer later sends it for concurrent approval.

The file is authorised for registration by the District Officer(D.O) and registered by the clerical officer who assigns the file number and receives all sheets of the drawing submitted.

Provided all relevant documents are submitted, the file is sent to the table of the DO, who sends it to the field officer to include his site sketch and report while another file is opened with all relevant payment receipts and sent to the Lagos State Internal Revenue Service for payment of tax confirmation. If all is well and good, you then declare your tax.

Your file is sent back to the District Officer from the General Manager’s desk for final approval.

A stamp and a seal are put on it.

However, in the case of commercial buildings, Institutional applications and some other uses prepared by an Urban and Regional Planner registered by NITP/TOPREC, an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is required.

When the EIA gets to the Head Quarters, the department of the EIA will clear it.

After the EIA has been certified, it is attached to the file and sent to the General manager for concurrent approval.

If the application for building plan approval entails a project that goes beyond the 2-storey building, then the file will come to the permanent secretary to the government.

When it is beyond the 4-storey building, the file is sent to the commissioner.

Also, beyond 6-storey building goes to the governor but in all, it’s the same process except you are doing high rise buildings.

In this case, we will be having 10-20 floors. This requires that you tender a Transport Impact Assessment (TIA) that is handled by the Ministry of Transport.

The recommendation officer’s job is crucial as he/she will go through the entire file to ensure that all requirements in terms of documents and fees have been included in the file.

Finally, the site will be re-visited to confirm that construction has not commenced before recommending to the District Officer for final approval.

All of these can be done for you by your Architect, Surveyor or any other knowledgeable member of your building team. Albeit, we can also process your building plan approval for you in any south western state of Nigeria.


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