6 Key Documents To Ask For When Buying Land In Lagos Nigeria

Documents Required When Buying a Land In Lagos Nigeria

See all the key documents required when buying a land in Lagos Nigeria so that you don’t get yourself into legal trouble after investing your hard earned money in Lagos property market.

This is the most critical part of every land purchasing processes you should be aware of. As the saying goes, information is power and if you are well informed in this area, I bet you, you would hardly fall for land scams in Lagos Nigeria.

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After making payments for the cost of the land you are interested in, including the deed of assignment and certificate of occupancy, here are key documents to ask for, in order to know whether the land titles are original or not.

6 Key Documents Required When Buying A Land In Lagos Nigeria

  1. Receipt
  2.  Approved survey plan
  3. Approved layout
  4. Power of Attorney
  5. Deed of assignment
  6. Certificate of Occupancy ( C of O)

Let’s break down the people who you would likely buy your next land from into three categories; Real estate agent, individuals or consultants and family who claims ownership of the land.

For properties offered by an agent or real estate developer within a specified area or proposed estate, here are the key documents to ask for: Approved survey plan, Approved layout, The power of attorney ( that’s if the company is acting on behalf of the seller) and Global C of O.

For company’s or individual who has bought for a speculative reason; to resell for profit due to land appreciation, you should ask for Receipts, Deed of assignment, Approved survey plan and C of O.

When it comes to family-owned property, this can be challenging which means a lot of due diligence has been played into your land buying processes. It is always difficult to know who the true owner is, especially when ownership document is ongoing and not readily available upon request.

Alongside the ownership document issued by the appropriate authority, you should also ask for Approved survey plan, Approved layout, and C of O.

While these documents required when buying a land in Lagos Nigeria will help avoid being scammed or issue fake land title papers, I will advise you hand over this task to a good property lawyer. He is the one who will help you verify the authenticity of every document backing the property so you don’t find yourself in trouble after making payments.

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