Why You Should Buy Estate Land For Sale In Lagos Nigeria

February 10, 2017
estate land for sale in lagos nigeria

Estate land for sale in Lagos Nigeria is the most affordable property offer you can buy to invest your way to a successful real estate journey. Don’t just rush to buy a land because it is located in a developed area, use this guide to investing in your first land without falling into the net of fraudulent sellers.

As a beginner or first-time land investor or buyer, one common mistake you can easily make even after you have armed yourself with a relevant guide on property purchases in Lagos state is when you choose to buy landed property in an area that is completely isolated or where you are the only one involved in such transaction. There is a high chance that you could be sold a fake land or property that is already owned by someone else and such result in loss of your money.

This situation is akin to what happens to a bunch of brooms; it can easily be broken when separate but as a whole, you might not find it easy to do. As simple and concise the lesson learned from this assertions is, it’s enough to save you land buyers or investors millions of Naira that would have been lost in shady deals.

The core message I am passing across to you is this; “don’t buy your first property in isolation, go for estate land for sale in Lagos Nigeria”,

What is an Estate Land in Lagos? This is a large expanse of land with Global C of O and earmarked for a proposed estate with interested buyers looking for a share of the plots available. For instance, Lekki Phase 2 was a hectare that was initially underdeveloped until a real estate developer designed an approved layout, mapped out plots of land with specific land sizes and offered it as a package for sale to current occupiers or owner.

One thing you should know about buying plots from a hectare with Global C of O is that you don’t need another C of O again since it’s already covered by the former, what you need is a Deed of assignment and Governors’ Consent.

estate land for sale in lagos nigeria

These are 3 key reasons you should buy estate land for sale in Lagos Nigeria

Most of the land available for sale in Lagos within a planned estate property layout which offer lots of opportunities for you to enjoy the following benefits.

  • Cheap Land Offers With Less Risk – Estate land in Lagos is always available in bulk (hectares) which is the reason prices are always cheaper compared to isolated land transactions located in either an already developed region. Right now, there are inventories of virgin land in proposed estates at Ibeju Lekki selling between N500,000 – N4.5 million per plots with projections revealing over 200% potential returns for investors in 2 years and more than 500% in 10 years. Also, real estate Land packages offered to mass real estate buyers tend to come with trust as most of the time, it’s always difficult to dupe or sideline group of educated investors compared to a single buyer. Knowing fully well that there could be military personnel, top-class citizens and government officials, a real estate agent who is concerned about their brand and public perception would make sure all necessary documentation, registrations, and approvals are intact before accepting cash from their clients.
  • The additional benefit for being among the crowd

Being among a group of real estate buyers comes with its own advantage which you may ordinarily not enjoy as a single property buyer. There is room to share collective information, ask questions, and be alerted of potential danger when you spot an attractive, too-good-to-be-true deal. Also, security of your property is guaranteed as most proposed estate layout is always fenced to keep Omo Nile boys or third parties from unauthorised access.

During physical inspections, you might not see a flaw in the location or topography but could be alerted when you belong to a group of interested investors since everyone has diverse knowledge on the best place to buy land in Lagos Nigeria

  • Collective responsibilities and reduced running cost

There is also the benefit of sharing cost which is far better than bearing it alone. For instance, utility charges, and other recurring costs could be expensive if you are staying alone or living with your family in an area and less expensive when it is shared among a group of property owners living an estate.

While these advantages of buying an estate land for sale in Lagos Nigeria will help you find cheaper virgin land in developing areas with no risk of fraud or scam, and save running cost, you can also scan through all the properties handpicked for you to get started in your real estate investment business.