How You Can Easily Get C of O For Your Landed Property In Lagos

how to get c of o in lagos

A lot of issues have been raised on land acquisition in Lagos state – while some strongly believe that it’s smart to buy a land under excision as it comes cheaper, and will definitely be sold at a higher price per plot once all documentation have been properly perfected, others believe that such land are not fully released, in which case they would rather opt for land with C of O as it confers a land owner the full right to ownership of a land.

Though this article is not really about that, as I am already doing a comprehensive write up on buying a land under excision vs land with C of O in Lagos State – which is better to buy as an investor or a landlord, the main tips here are about the procedures required to obtain an authentic C of O in Lagos state.

Getting a C of O, as many think, shouldn’t be complicated, if you have the right information from a direct source, I mean the Office of Land bureau in Lagos state, you will understand that there is nothing like “you must be connected to an internal officer” or “you must have enough money in your pocket to settle people” before getting the certificate of occupancy for your land ready.

Before I share the guide to obtaining C of O, here are key reasons you are expected to have C of O on a land:
1. It confers exclusive possession on person named therein
2. It constitute a sound root of title during alienation
3. It sometimes prevents property acquisition by the State Government, subject however to the overriding power of acquisition by the State Government.
4. It is useful as collateral or security for loan
5. It is useful for mortgage transactions
6. It serves as a root of title
7. It prevents multiple parties from claiming ownership on the same property
8. It is used in resolving land disputes/ownership tussle
9. It may be required for other official and legal purpose

how to get c of o in lagos

How to get a C of O for your land in Lagos state:

  • You need to pay for publication charges of N10,000 (please verify from the office of Land bureau for current charges) for your name to be put up on newspaper asking anyone who thinks the land doesn’t belong to you to come for objection within 21 days. If after the stipulated period, nobody raises an eyebrow, then the office will proceed with the processes and pay for charges which are receipted for.
  • Requirements for C of O you should have:
    • Application form
    • 4 copies of survey plan (2 clothes and 2 papers)
    • Land information certificate
    • Purchase receipt
    • 4 copies of deed of assignment
    • Picture of the site showing time, date, and street name where the property is located
    • Site location sketch
    • Tax Clarence certificate
    • Current development levy
    • Four passport photography (5 by 5 on white background)
    • Application letter
    • ID card
    • Publication/Inspection Fees

This guide was extracted from a full interview with Mr Kayode Sutton, a Public Affairs Officer of the Land Bureau in Lagos State.