How To Avoid Buying A Land Under Government Control in Lagos

Land Under Government Acquisition In Lagos State

Land Under Government Strict Control & Acquisition In Lagos State – What You Should Know & Latest Omonile Strategies For Selling Plots of Committed Land In Ibeju Lekki, Ikorodu, Mowe In Lagos And Tips To Avoid Scams

One big fear of first time property buyers is “entering into Omonile transactions” – a term used to describe a set of individuals who are in the habit of scamming buyers or selling plots of land, strictly under government control in Lagos state,  to buyers who don’t know how to carry out due diligence on a land or verify the authenticity of land transactions before making full payment. This is a key reason people are scared of getting involved in the growing real estate market, especially in Lagos state.

If you are reading this, please pay close attention to the ideas I will be sharing with you so that you can easily avoid paying for land already earmarked by the government for specific projects. Areas you will find land scams in Lagos state are Alimosho, Epe, Egbe, Ikotun, Ifako, Alakukuo, Iba, Iyana paga, Ikorodu, Igbogbo, Ayobo, Badagry and some areas in Ibeju Lekki etc. This doesn’t, in any way, rule out other locations outside this region, you are strongly advised to educate yourself on common mistakes “Omonile boys’ usually capitalise on to sell “land under government control to buyers in Lagos”.

Over the years, it has been revealed that land used by these “fraudulent sellers” are properties set aside by Lagos state government for special community developments or projects such as community schools, bridges, affordable housing schemes, ministries, museums, pottery villages, cemeteries or buildings of national or state importance.

As we know, the government might have bought these plots from the community or taken over the land from sellers with compensations but haven’t made enough notice about these properties to the public or carry out necessary fencing around the land to scare buyers away – these are loopholes these “fraudsters take advantage of to market the properties to buyers”. Sometimes, there are signposts stationed around the location to inform people that those areas are restricted lands but because of less or infrequent supervision by officials, these fraudulent sellers go there to remove the signposts and tout themselves as the real owners of the properties.

When they eventually sell it to buyers with fake papers, you might not even see them again, hence, leave you face to face with the staff of Town Planning Authorities when the government is ready to commence developments.

How to avoid land under government control:

  • When anyone comes to you with a land for sale offer; request for the titles and consult a property lawyer to help you do the necessary document verifications; you can even ask for the land coordinates, a number that checks the status at Alausa, Ikeja. This is very important – it’s better to pay a lawyer and avoid falling into this devastating transactions than to think you are wiser, and end up with nothing and even lose more.
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  • Do a thorough physical inspection of the land to see if you will find a signpost (with restriction notice) buried on the ground; an idea that will help you spot a land for sale under government acquisition.
  • Ask the sellers reasons that land is still vacant – if it’s not genuine land, you will most likely hear different stories with new ones added every day.

The bottom line of my article on buying Land in Lagos is that you should “SHINE YOUR EYES” before paying, the government will not pity you when they are ready to develop the land.