6 Key Documents To Ask For When Buying Land In Lagos Nigeria

See all the key documents required when buying a land in Lagos Nigeria so that you don’t get yourself into legal trouble after investing your hard earned money in Lagos property market.

This is the most critical part of every land purchasing processes you should be aware of. As the saying goes, information is power and if you are well informed in this area, I bet you, you would hardly fall for land scams in Lagos Nigeria.

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After making payments for the cost of the land you are interested in, including the deed of assignment and certificate of occupancy, here are key documents to ask for, in order to know whether the land titles are original or not.

6 Key Documents Required When Buying A Land In Lagos Nigeria

  1. Receipt
  2.  Approved survey plan
  3. Approved layout
  4. Power of Attorney
  5. Deed of assignment
  6. Certificate of Occupancy ( C of O)

Let’s break down the people who you would likely buy your next land from into three categories; Real estate agent, individuals or consultants and family who claims ownership of the land.

For properties offered by an agent or real estate developer within a specified area or proposed estate, here are the key documents to ask for: Approved survey plan, Approved layout, The power of attorney ( that’s if the company is acting on behalf of the seller) and Global C of O.

For company’s or individual who has bought for a speculative reason; to resell for profit due to land appreciation, you should ask for Receipts, Deed of assignment, Approved survey plan and C of O.

When it comes to family-owned property, this can be challenging which means a lot of due diligence has been played into your land buying processes. It is always difficult to know who the true owner is, especially when ownership document is ongoing and not readily available upon request.

Alongside the ownership document issued by the appropriate authority, you should also ask for Approved survey plan, Approved layout, and C of O.

While these documents required when buying a land in Lagos Nigeria will help avoid being scammed or issue fake land title papers, I will advise you hand over this task to a good property lawyer. He is the one who will help you verify the authenticity of every document backing the property so you don’t find yourself in trouble after making payments.

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We have partnered with genuine real estate agents and developers to help investors and Nigerians living abroad weed out fake properties in Lagos. You can take a look at our available land and properties for sale at affordable prices.

Best Place To Buy Land In Lagos At Cheapest Price

Best Location To Buy A Land In Lagos – Cheapest Areas, Place To Buy Property In Lagos State Are Ikorodu, Agbowa, Ibeju Lekki Epe Express Way, Agbado Oja,& Akute

Are you looking for the best location to buy a land in Lagos at an affordable price? Here are fast-growing emerging places you can position yourself for massive return in the future.

Landed property business is still one of the most profitable ventures anyone can start and rake in millions in less than 3 years. Before now, this was a business exclusive to highly capitalised investors with billions of Naira to invest but the area mentioned in this article is wide open to the smallest investors who want to start with a considerable capital of around M500,000 – N2,000,000 and earn a projected profit of around 100-300% in less than 3 years.

This doesn’t mean that one can just find land anywhere in Nigeria and expect such return, no, this type of return is eminent in states where there are rapid growth, development and widespread expansion of business activities. The first place to think of when looking for such area is Lagos, the fastest growing city in Nigeria with more than 15 million residents and still growing every day as people sort for greener pasture in Nigeria.

Finding the best place to buy land in Lagos at cheapest price is a strategic business move for smart Nigerians abroad because you do little or no work after acquisition but wait for your investment to grow as development reaches your property locations.

Like we already know, Lagos is growing rapidly, the population is growing, business activities are booming, hence prices of land in key areas like Surulere, Yaba, Ikeja, and other developed parts are beyond the roof for retail investors which is forcing people to explore outskirt of the Lagos. No wonder virgin lands are now attractive for investors who want to take advantage of the emerging opportunities.

Where are the virgin lands around Lagos one can still find plots of land at cheapest price offers:

Best Location To Buy A Land In Lagos At Cheapest Price & Resell At Higher Price.

1. Ikorodu – You can still get lands in some parts of Ikorodu between N600,000 to N1,000,000. Go to areas like Ogijo, Imota, Ijede, Igbogbo, Imowonla, Igberigbe, Igbolomu, Isawo, etc… Look for someone who knows this area I’m talking about to help you locate some choice properties at a good price.

Secret: Expansion Construction has been completed on the Ikorodu – Lagos Road and there is a talk of a mega-highway linking Ikorodu to Epe(Gov Ambode’s Hometown). By the time that road is completed, prices of lands will increase by 1,000%. Grab yours now and wait for the cash!

2. Agbowa – I heard the Lagos State Government has great plans going on for Agbowa axis. Lagos state government has a 1000 unit housing estate project that has reached 90% completion. Massive infrastructural development is also planned for that axis by the government including the newly built Lagos Resettlement Centre Agbowa. This is the time to position yourselves for profit taking. A plot of land goes for between N500,000 to N900,000. You can even get some for N450,000 at a very good location. Within two years from now, the properties may be going from N1 million, quote me when it happens.

3. Ibeju-Lekki – Because, the below projects are ongoing at Ibeju-Lekki, African’s 2nd Largest Deep Sea Port. Investment Opportunities in Lekki Free Trade Zone. Dangote’s Oil Refinery to process 650,00bpd completion of N 7.1bn Lekki Airport. Lakowe golf course, pan Africanbea resorts,pan-African university permanent site, and many more, it is smarter to take advantage of low budget real estate wealth creation opportunities in this axis that is safe and guaranteed ranging from N2.m – 4m.

4. Agbado-Oja – You can get land cheap in Agbado area now. The 16 lane world class express carriageway being constructed by Lagos State Government to link Sango and other parts of Lagos like Iju/Agege/Berger etc. is almost nearing completion. When that is done, property in Agbado area will be out of reach. But you can still get is now between N450,000 to N650,000. These same lands will be going for nothing less than N2M when the road is completed.

5. Akute/Lambe – This is another good and quiet area in Lagos where lands are still being sold cheap. That area is devoid of trouble and rancor. Buy land there very cheap and quickly resell for good profit.